Angry Birds

Anger does not rot far from the tree

Anger itself is not a sin. It is what you do with anger that becomes a sin.

So what then are we supposed to do with anger?

To begin with when we read the Lord’s prayer:

“Forgive us our trespasses, As-We-Forgive-Those-Who-Trespass-Against-Us..”

It is obvious that it is a very serious commandment by God to forgive trespasses. You cannot enter the kingdom of God with unforgiveness because God says in his word that if you don’t forgive he cannot forgive you.

Hurt People Hurt People

We do not usually start out at anger.

Anger is most often symptoms of a soul wound due to a TRESPASS. First we are hurt, then we feel slighted, mistreated, misused- and THAT breeds contempt and anger in our hearts. Left long enough to fester and that soul wound poisons us with bitterness. We often mask hurt with anger. In our taboo society we feel more justified to admit we are angry than to admit we are hurt because being hurt after-all shows a vulnerability that we must be weak. Therefor we feel more justified and less ashamed to mask that we are angry than to admit that we are actually deeply  hurt.

 I want to forgive but...

And herein lies the problem. We often can speak with our lips that we forgive someone or something almost as a badge of condescension, but in our hearts we are far from anything resembling true forgiveness. If our heart is not healed by Christ then the wound opens us up to all kinds of demonic noise inside us such as self righteousness, hate, blame, arrogance, conceit, wrath, vengeance, murder, and all sorts of evil that God is trying to protect you from.

By his stripes we are healed

So how do we get the healing of our soul wounds? Because lets face it, if we can restore our hearts to before the wound, we would have a very quick and easy time forgiving the trespasser. But here is the kicker... YOU CANNOT HEAL YOUR OWN HEART.

Only the creator of your heart can heal it and that is Jesus. Christian Counseling understands how to work with Jesus and watch him heal broken hearts. He is 100% of the time faithful to do so when we abide by his conditions for healing. Once the soul wound is healed, forgiveness is usually immediate. And anger neutralized.