Christ! Our redeemer and hope

Are you lost? He will find you.

Are you broken in despair?

Are you trapped in a cycle

of an endless death?

Feeling like no one cares.

Are you addicted and cant break free? 

Are you lonely like it’s a terrible disease? 

Are you aching inside but smile with pride so that no one else sees? 

Well let me tell you about My God, he is an awesome God! 

And his power is infinitely great.

 He can sweep you up into himself and break the chains of hate. 

He can lift you up upon the sky and fill you within himself. 

And nothing that comes against you will be able to even dwell. 

He fills you with his deep-deep love and his perfect-perfect peace, 

you will know you’re not alone- and all he asks for in return is your mustard seed belief.

 He sits upon his mighty throne looking out through Eternity, 

nothing is too hard for my God because he hung this blue marble on absolutely nothing.