Do you need prayer?

We all need prayer. This is a fact of life. Sometimes we cannot pray for ourselves in our own desperation. This is when we need strong prayer warriors to stand in the gap as an intercessor for us and pray with us and for us to help situations change or develop. We offer free prayer here. Christian Counseling loves to stand in the gap for everyone who need help. Feel free to contact us on the contact page and list your prayer request. I will respond to your prayer requests. If you haven’t given your life to Jesus Christ or don’t know how to do so, please start with this simple prayer below read out loud spoken from your heart.

Lord God,

Forgive me for all my sins, for all my inequities, for all the bad things that I have done, for all the bad thoughts that I have had throughout my life, for all the faults that I have committed against my brothers and my sisters, against myself. I beg you Holy Father that you forgive me for all those sins from the bottom of my heart and that you give me the opportunity to enter into and live in your glory. Let me begin to live with you Lord and I open the doors of my heart and please enter me and live with me and dwell with me and I accept you and promise to follow you the rest of my life. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.