Counseling Services

Christian Counseling offers a variety of services. We are a ministry and therefore we are not as pricey as most counseling practices at $150 an hour.

Here is a list of our services and prices per hourly session:

Marriage/Couples Counseling             $100 

Individual Counseling                             $75

Child Counseling  (to age 12)                  $50

Adolescent Counseling                            $65

Group Family Counseling                          $100

Pre-marital Counceling Temperment Assessment $30 

Temperment Career Assessment    $30

If you have budget issues please discuss with us so we can help alleviate some of the costs. We are a ministry and interested in serving all who need counseling.

Counseling Topics 

Integrated Marriage & Family Therapy

1. Marriage &Family Counseling for blended family issues.

2. Temperment Couple Therapy

3. Pre-marriage counseling with temperment

Child & Adolescent Therapy

1. Counseling Families

2. Counseling children

3. Counseling Youth

Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy

1. Counseling for substance abuse & addiction

2. Counseling adult children of alcoholics

3. Counseling problems of self control

4. Counseling those with eating disorders

5. Counseling those with obsessive compulsive behaviors

Sexual Therapy

1. Counseling for sexual disorders

2. Counseling and homosexuality

3. Counseling for pornography addiction

4. Counseling for unplanned pregnancy and infertility

Death and Grief Therapy

1. Counseling the sick and terminally ill

2. Counseling post traumatic stress disorder

3. Joy-in the midst of mourning

4. Counseling families with children with disabilties

Cognitive Therapy

1. Cognitive therapy techiques

2. Life’s answers through counseling with God

3. Making life healing changes 

Crisis and Abuse Therapy

1. Counseling for family violemce and abuse

2. Counseling in times of crisis

3. Counseling for anger

4. Counseling for depression and anxiety

5. Counseling for codependency & low self esteem

Hope for the lost?

You may not find it easy to believe right now when the hurt is so painful, but God does know all about it. And he cares. He is very close when he seems far away. We know this is true because Jesus promised, "I am with you always, even to the very end of the age."  

Christian Counseling is here to help you.

Where do we begin?

We face a lot of big decisions in our lifetime. Where do we go to college? Who do we marry? What job should I pursue? How should I handle a certain conflict. Life is riddled with confusion and choices. Christian Counseling is here to help you. 

What is God's Will?

Is your life off track? Are you struggling to make the right decision? Are you afraid of where God might lead you-out of your comfort zone and into a strange land? Christian Counseling is here to help you.